Interstellar Defence Troops Review.

Interstellar Defence Troops is a great take on a tower defence game, mostly because it’s IN SPACE! This gives the game a more dynamic feeling, allowing you to control your camera in 3d. IDT has a great art style, and an impressive gameplay mechanic, for just being developed by one person. If I had to rate this game, I would give it and 8.5 out of 10. I was blown away to see how immersive this game was, because to be honest I didn’t have the highest expectations for this game, but as soon as I opened the game, I was incredibly impressed. IDT is great when you have some free time, and it is very reminiscent of Starcraft, although it’s a bit simpler.

This game is great because it’s an addicting Tower Defence game, and for being $10, it is definitely worth the price.